when you're 84...

I used to think that 84 was definitely getting up there in the years... no offense to the great grandparents of the world. 84 is after all a mere one year away from being a quarter of a century past 60 which is only 2 years shy of the Social Security standard retirement age. It was welcome news today to find out that you can still 'kick it' at 84 and 1051 Farnam is doing just that.

It passed it's major physical today with I would say a B average. We encountered a few hiccups with the fireplace/chimney and then again with a pesky neighbor wall but both are fixable. Perhaps the latter will require some extra Freeland charm. The electrical is where we were expecting a potentially 'go ahead and put it out of it's misery' situation but 1051 would have none of that. All I have to say is somewhere out there is an electrician and we owe him a huge Thank You because he did the job right 84 years ago.

I have the distinct feeling he was a Smith.

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