between a dish and a hard place

Who knew when Dave and I entered into the great housing search of 2006 that it would come down to a kitchen appliance. In our current rental property, we have a dishwasher and it was a first time for both of us to have enjoyed the luxury outside of our parental nest. The debate is the new house, as already stated to be a robust 84, does not have said luxury. My initial problem, we'll put one in. Dave's thought... no problem, we've lived without before, we can do it again. Excuse me but after having had espresso does one go back to mere coffee? After watching a DVD do you return to the VHS path. NO. Why? Because there is no sane reason to suffer through the agony of dishpan hands when a very clever machine can do it all for you. That is why. So we have come to an impasse, and a small chunk of change and years of clean dishes lay in our path.

More to come tomorrow.

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