Report:Thunderstorms and Trampolines are bad for your Health

Back in the day, Brett and I used to be some high flying machines. Brett of course still has the skills which can be witnessed here.

It all started when our grandma handed over her very large, very bouncy trampoline after one too many kids went flying on her watch. The trampoline moved throughout the yard, under trees, under the hoop, etc. but finally came to rest in a nice large patch of yard where the ratio of nearby objects to potential bodily injury was deemed to be the least. The trampoline stayed here until one windy Summer day.

That day Brett and I were out ridding the yard of all things unholy, particular walnuts, when the wind started to pick up. It wasn't long before the walnuts were coming down like rain and Brett and I were running for the house. We took up a nice perch in front of a large picture window to watch the drama unfold. First the trampoline lifted. Then it lifted some more. Then it picked up, flipped over, started spinning and took off like the flight of the navigator. Luckily it didn't make it far, but unlucky for the us the trampoline didn't survive the ride.

During the several minutes that it took to get off the ground, Brett (ok and so did I) asked more than once if we should go out and "hold it down", ie get out there and enjoy the jump of our lives. Our mom replied each time with an an emphatic, No. Good thing because this is apparently what could/would of happened.

Trampolining Girl Injured by Whirlwind

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