Denny Duckett did not have to die

Ok so we all saw the finale of Grey's Anatomy (all 3 hrs of it) on Monday night and if you didn't, well hey I'm not one to point out a person's faults. And I understand that yes the show is named after the intern who we will call Merriless, but please! Did they have to axe Denny. Sure he is in that show Supernatural and yes it did get renewed but REALLY. He is after all the only guy Izzie has ever truly loved and I must point out the only single guy who hasn't thought about getting into the sack with Merriless. I was even beginning to think Izzie and Denny (sounds good together right?) might eventually walk off into the TV sunset with Laura and Luke, Rachel and Ross, and of course Joey and Pacey. Nope, its not to be. Instead the writers decided it was more important that Dr. Burke gets to practice more medicine, Yang learns how to cry, and Merriless gets another shot at Reese Witherspoon's leftovers. Fine! But seriously Denny Duckett did not have to die.

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