Staying strong

You perhaps are aware of our cable television situation which is about as predictable as Donald Trump's rag, I mean hair. If you are not aware, you may familiarize yourself here and here. Our last bit of cable freedom ran out right before the super bowl aired, the finale to Project Runway was run and numerous other great episodes on channels which we are too poor and stubborn to pay to see. I had just about weaned myself off TBS and Animal Planet when of course! the cable is back! There seems to be a diabolical rhythm of which Comcast is making the cable available. They think that by taking the premier episodes from us and returning to show us the leftovers, the reruns! that we will give in and cough over the upgrade. Little do they know, we are not the average Nielson rater. We once spent an entire month with nothing but CBS and that was before CBS was cool. We will not succumb to their ploys! Although, I did appreciate being able to flip between Pretty in Pink and the Iron Cheft last night. Thanks for that.

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