back to the basics

Right before we moved from our old location to our current location, we called on the cable guy. Well not really the cable guy but the please-help-us-our-internet-our-lifeline-has-gone-lifeless guy. The cable guy and him just happen to be one in the same.

Soo.o they came, they fixed, and when they left.... we had CABLE.

See, before we only had basic which means in LA the major networks plus every spanish station you could ever want. Dave and I were in cable heaven. We watched the Daily Show every night. I got totally hooked on the Food Network and a bunch of other stations I'm too embarrassed to mention. We told no one... which meant we told all our friends but no one who was really important.

When we moved we thought maybe just maybe our good fortune would move with us but alas after a month in our new abode, we are still back to the basics.

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