MASSive transit

As my brother is quick to point out. I'm a liberal. In truth, I'm not all that radical but if Brett is doing the defining, anyone not south of Arkansas can be considered left. With that said, this week I've been doing my part to try and better the world around me....

I've been taking the bus.

I have put my faith in the mass transit system of LA twice this week and there are a few things to note:

1. It is clearly NOT the hip-everyone-does-it-so-why-don't-you subway system of nyc.
2. Most stops are NOT within what would be considered acceptable walking distance from any destination.
3. At $1.25 a ride it really does NOT save us that much money in gas considering we live 3.67 miles from my office. (Yes, I mapquest'd it for accuracy)
4. I DID finish the Tuesday nytimes crossword in the 45 minute ride.

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