the shortest distance between two points is a triple ess curve

It is of course perfect that 2 weeks after we made the move to be closer to 'our' jobs. Dave decides to leave his. And yes it is even more perfect that his new job should be located a mere 6 blocks from our old place of residence.

Ahh yes. Things are never simple in the Freeland household.

Tonight when he picked me up from work (I took the bus, see
MASSive transit), he went into his usual explanation of route to and from work. Below is a sample:

"Today, I was flying from Venice all the way to Robinson, YES ROBINSON! I was there in 20min. and I thought maybe, MAYBE I can get home in under 45min." (ie. 44min and 30secs)

"First I was on Venice, then Durango, then Catturagus" Catta what? Is he still talking about LA or Rita's path through Texas?

"And.." If you can believe it, there was an 'and'.

"I recorded all the times down in my notebook so if I ever get in a jam, I just take the path of least resistance"

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