who kneads the gym when you have Peter Reinhart?

I come from a family of serious bread makers. I'm not really talking rustic breads that are all the rage now but sweet breads that beg for butter and make your mouth water just at the site. These are my Grandma Mary Lou's dinner rolls, or cinnamon rolls or sugar bread or anything else that she puts out with a little yeast in it. In the past year I've taken up the calling and have been baking bread around once a week. Mostly I've been experimenting with no-knead loafs because let's face it, a bread that requires no kneading is like Christmas everyday of the week. We've also taken to weekly pizza with homemade dough. Lately that includes a recipe from Mozza which is a show stopper. And speaking of Christmas, this year I acquired two Peter Reinhart bread cookbooks, The Bread Baker's Apprentice and Artisan Breads Everyday. These books have seriously broadened our weekly breads and often on the weekend I find myself making more than one recipe. Last week for Dave's birthday lobster boil I put out both the corn bread and the best biscuits ever. (that is the title of the recipe and they are!) Today it was a Ciabatta loaf (pictured) and cinnamon rolls (currently proofing). I'm hoping to work up to a true baguette by Summer and maybe by then my arms will be swimsuit ready.

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jen said...

Just bought the Jim Lahey book on bread (the "famous" no-knead crusty that's all over the internet). Nothing nicer than the smell of bread baking in a house.