Since starting seeds over a month ago the garden has seen big progress.

First Dave built a raised vegetable bed for the back yard.

Then we waited,
and waited.
and then finally!

Corn! 8 plants total + 10 more from thinning...

Beets (and cilantro top left)...these are red ringed (i think) and we have a row of yellow as well.

and the beans, seen here are french green, but we also have red (for chili and soup) and white. I think around 16 plants of each...that's a lot of magical fruit!
Also appearing this week are carrots, red & white onions, leeks, melon, eggplant, peppers, and okra.

Last but certainly not least, our berries and rhubarb plant are nearing their yumminess quotient.

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Benita said...


I just found you via your kitchen reno on Flickr. I just wanted to say I loooove your house. What amazing features it has. The ironing board and little built in desk are my favorites AND the white countertops in the kitchen which were what I was looking for.
Will add your blog to my reader :)