weekly menu

I love to cook!  I can thank my Mom (Hi Mom!) and Grandma Mary Lou for my eagerness in the kitchen.  Growing up, some of my greatest times with them are in the kitchen learning their cherished recipes. Now I don't quite have the skills they do but practice makes perfect right?  I saw this done over here and thought it was an interesting idea, so i'll be making an effort to post our weekly menu every sunday.  Let me know what you think.

Moroccan spiced scallops with red lentils - Dave LOVES scallops so this was an easy choice, recipe from February Bon Appetit. Everything fresh per our new diet, including homemade veggie broth.
Arroz - from my new Spain, a culinary road trip, cookbook (thanks Sarah!). It's similar to risotto but with saffron and no oil at the beginning.  This recipe calls for a ton of veggies like turnips, mushrooms, asparagus and zucchini.
Torrijas (dessert) - from same book as above, Mario says "It's like French toast meets bruschetta meets red wine, written by Cervantes somewhere in La Mancha." Yea, we're looking forward to this!
Old-fashioned marinated rib-eye with smashed celeriac -  we had celeriac (celery root) for the first time in London at The Ledbury and it was amazing. It's doubtful that what I make will taste like that version but I figured the rib-eye will be so good maybe Dave won't notice.
Panang tofu curry - after the red meat the day before I thought we might need a reprieve, also we recently have become quite addicted to coconut milk and this gave me an excuse to buy some.
Sichuan Shrimp and Scallion Stir-fry with grilled bok choy -  this looked crazy easy thus its rounding out the week.


[ j e n n ] said...

i saw that recipe in bon appetit and was dying to try it out! but where do you get your local scallops to maintain your loca-dieting? eric & i read your ambitions and thought, man, it's hard enough just trying to eat more healthily and three hours before going to bed. good luck!

melanie said...

hey! we had it last night. excellent! and the scallops came from a fish vendor at the farmer's market who says it's all fresh, nothing frozen.