weekly menu (mid week)

Two posts in one day! Craziness! Here's the plan for this week.

Sunday: Oscar party!
Dave didn't join so I made up some white bean tomato saucy thing that vaguely resembled a dish from my Spain cookbook.
Monday: Devil's chicken thighs and braised leeks
This recipe was entirely too complicated for a Monday night but I did it anyway and it was worth every ounce of effort. I didn't make the whole recipe but rather guesstimated for two thighs. I did substitute homemade veggie broth and some broth left over from making chickpeas for the chicken broth. Also didn't have any tarragon so I threw in some chervil. seemed good enough! A breakdown of the recipe can be seen here.
Tuesday: Dave's birthday Yeah!
We went to Father's Office for burgers and sweet potato fries.
Wednesday: Red kidney bean curry
This along with some homemade hummus. On a side note, I have come to love the bulk section at whole foods and predict more grains in our future. Even thinking of planting chick pea plants in the garden?! Uncle Allan if your reading this I'm going to need advice.
Thursday: Pasta with beets and greens
The beets at the farmers market have been looking seriously yummy so wanted to work them in this week.
Friday: Turkey cutlets
Adapted from this recipe and planning to serve it with some asparagus and celeriac.

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