i had a dad in nevada

Ok. Not really....but apparently Nevadan's are particular about the pronunciation of their state name. It's Ne-va-da. Not Ne-vay-da, nor Ne-vaah-da. I had a dad in Nevada. How do I know this you ask? Well let me tell you. I spent all day Saturday registering and canvassing voters in the great state of Nevada for the Obama Campaign, Drive for Change. Nevada is a battleground state in the '08 election having gone Republican in the past two elections by a mere 25,000 votes. Living in California they consider it our sister state so any volunteers that are willing are moved to Nevada to help the campaign there. Now this isn't a blog to get you to vote one way or another but merely to motivate you to get involved. I had an AMAZING time and met some great people (Republican and Democrat). I truly believe, especially after Saturday there is no easier way to be an American than to get out the vote!

See ya in November!

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