beginning and ending in pink

Day 3!

Is everyone still with me? After Day 2, I'll keep this one short.

The important factor of this day is we changed hotels and scenery to the Condesa Hotel. It was with great delight that we discovered the hotel had free bikes for its guests! We decided to tackle day 3 via peddling and experience a few of the city parks. We had a late afternoon reservation at Casa Barragan which we thought would allow for a leisurely ride. Warning! Nothing about biking in Mexico City is leisurely. Sidewalks are narrow, streets are narrower, and the terrain is like being on the cyclone coaster at a barbie doll scale. Imagine an American city sidewalk and curb cut and shrink that down so its pretty much vertical. Everything went up and down and up and up and down and up and down and... Anyhow our tushes were not as delighted with the bike discovery by the end of the day. BUT we did see some great things on day 3, starting with the pink market a few blocks from our hotel and ending with the pink on the Casa Barragan terrace...and a majority of the other colorful subjects in the middle.

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