changing scales

This memorial day found Dave and I in my home town, Tarkio, Missouri. (Note there is a link locating it for those of you who aren't lucky enough to call it home or perhaps blinked while driving through and missed it. It is truly small town america with a booming population of 1935 people (over 10 times that of neighboring Westboro.) As you might expect, activity options are limited in Tarkio, but Memorial weekend is special in that it offers a few more choices, like the alumni dance or the alumni dinner. The former which is not to be missed. So Saturday night found Dave and I at the community building (which also happens to be the location where are wedding reception was held as large buildings are at a minimum) for the annual dance. And after thoroughly embarrassing myself to a range of white snake and twisted sister songs, Dave decided it was time to head home. Only our ride was not yet through working his dance moves.... What to do?....Walk?...Unheard of!! I mean really the community building is across town (pronounced cross toun) and it could take hours, maybe days! to get to my house. After Dave talked me down off the ledge and assured me it wasn't near as far as say here to kingdom come, we decided to trek it out.... and what do you know, it took all of about 10mins. to get home. I guess the scale has changed slightly since the last time I was home.

and as long as we are talking about scales... check out the size of my Dad's ala mode!
I suspect some things will never change.

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