Lost and found

This morning when I left the house for work I was greeted at the door by a lost dog...to be specific an itty-bitty-cutie-patutie-chahuaha. He pranced right up to me said Hello and promptly licked my shoes.

I liked him immediately.

So I called up Dave to tell him in addition to two cats, we would now also have a dog..and his name would be Rocky. The conversation went like this:

Me: "Dave! There is a cute little dog on our porch."
Dave (mildly interested): "Yea, I saw him when I left too."
Me: "He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!"
Dave (mildly excited): "Yea, He's pretty cute."
Me: "Let's keep him!!"
Dave (not at all excited): ".........ummm"
Me: "fine"

After which I put him in the car to take him to the pound. Only to drive 1/2 a block see a flyer for him and return him to his owner.

I tried to get a photo but he was a quick little guy and this is the best I got. Note shoe for scale.

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topomodesto said...

i'm pretty sure you misspelled chuwahwaaahhh.