craft day: how to

Because someone out there was curious to find out how I put together the collage on shown in the previous post, I decided to show you the details behind the image. You should know that I started with a completely different idea for the outcome but as always I didn't plan ahead and had to adjust the design to cover my tracks.

I started out with a good-on-one-side plywood square and a very large bottle of Elmer's. All four of the fabrics I used were gifts from the beautiful use swap and can be found at Purl Soho.

I started with this fabric (in green) as a background. I used the stitching on the fabric as a guide to cut it into strips of varying widths and then glued them down randomly. This is where my original design went awry as the fabric was not wide enough to cover plywood square.

Now knowing that I needed to hide the edges where the background ended I decided to cut out the circles in this fabric for a layered 'border' at the edges.

I used this one to simulate branches growing out from the edges and cut out the foreground image adjusting it as necessary.

Lastly I used this one as the focal point of the collage cutting out the bunches of flowers as well a few single flowers.

And that was it!

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