with or without guests

I'm please to report the parental visit was a complete success. 1051 Farnam played a great host! My parents even managed to close their eyes to the unpainted walls, missing cover plates, exposed window frames, and missing millwork. I do promise I saw them at least once with their eyes open in the house but they may have been staring directly at the Christmas tree. The only thing we completed. We had only one minor hiccup over the weekend although my mom may call the oven stopping mid-homemade-roll-baking a near catastrophe. After a few old fashioned bangs on the oven in a very general location it came back to life.

Although my parents were technically on vacation (which I can attest to by my Dad's unwillingness to get out of his pajamas), we managed to fill up the weekend with a few minor activities. We went to the house that John built and John was even there! We attended the Billy Wilder Theater opening where my Dad was asked if he wanted his water with or without gas and with or without fruit. Dave and I took them on in Euchre and lost quite successfully. And finally Sunday we rounded out the trip with a little bowling.

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and hope they did as well. And we might say with a successful house guest stay under our belt, we are looking forward to the next!?

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