Where's the dog?

In Los Angeles, star sightings are a dime a dozen. They usually happen in the check out line at Whole Foods or in a dimly let movie theater. Rarely do they involve actual interaction and almost never does the star acknowledge your existence by speaking to you. Which brings me to the star sighting I had this week.

During our weekly trip to the jobsite in Beverly Hills a co-worker and I stopped for some lunch. In Midwest fashion we decided to enjoy the weather and eat on the tailgate of his truck. It wasn't long before a stray dog showed up looking for leftovers and just like cars look a little better in the 90210 area so do stray dogs. This one was obviously pampered with glossy black hair and clipped nails. I decided to be a good citizen and check its tag for an address secretly hoping it belonged to TomKat where I'd get a peek at little Suri as thanks for it's return. As I bent down to examine the jeweled color the dog decided to bolt.....and right in front of on coming traffic.

The lead car, a silver Mercedes SUV came to a screeching halt just missing the daredevil. And who was behind the wheel, none other than Jon Voight, father to the most famous Mom in Hollywood. I gaped. He rolled down his window.

"Where's the dog?"

I held up my hands and in my most innocent voice said "It's not my dog"

"Where's the dog?"

Obviously he was concerned TomKat's dog was under his vehicle. I managed to get out that the dog had made it safely across. He thanked me, for what is still not clear, rolled up his window and drove on down the street.... probably to his next star sighting.

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