Another Labor Day weekend is upon us which means another family vacation for Dave and I. On any given holiday you will usually find us on the left (California), the right (New York) or the middle (Missouri). What can we say? We live balanced lives.

This particular weekend we will be heading right in an exhausting 3 leg red eye flight. I figured we should be prepared for all the new carry-on restrictions particularly because I can't recall the last time Dave let me check a bag. After a quick search on American Airlines website, I found a list of all things terror related, including yogurt, cheese, bubble bath, syrup and pudding.....a seriously scary list of items. They also state all things liquid defined as gels, pastes, lotions, and the contents of pressurized containers.

I wonder what my own water weight is and if I personally could be defined as a liquid. The last time I checked (which was in 7th grade biology) my body is pressurized AND I'm quite sure after 3 legs of a red eye flight I might very well explode.

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