Up a creek without the keys

I'm sure it would make my parents proud to hear that I can add breaking into a car to my many list of talents. It would probably make them even further excited to know that I was coerced into the act by none other than my in-laws.

This past weekend while upstate...in California.... enjoying all that Sonoma County has to offer, including a canoeing trip, my in-laws, my husband and myself found ourselves locked out of our rental car. This situation my parents will be happy to hear was not my fault, although I did after some effort break into the vehicle.

First I used a stick to shimmy the lock through a cracked window. You would think this would be enough to obtain the keys, but alas it wasn't. The keys were in the trunk, and on the convertible, the keys had to be in the ignition (not the trunk) to operate the trunk latch. Also being a convertible, you couldn't just fold down the seat to get into the trunk. To finally fetch the keys out of the deep cave of a trunk they were in, we (I) had to go in head first and use every gymnastic move I learned in grade school to finally snag them.

This is the happy picture after the retrieved keys and after the long paddle down the creek.

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