Let's make a deal

Although I wish this post was about an excellent game show where people dress up in lunatic outfits and store everything from toothpaste to twinkies in their 'daily' purses.

It's not.

What it is about is the dealing making going down at your neighborhood gym. You laugh. But have you joined a gym lately? Why is joining a gym like buying a car. Why should the cute girl with a button nose pay less than a geeky guy packin a tire or two?

When I received a free month's pass to Gold's Gym from my neighbor. I was thrilled. 1 whole month free for me to do as I please, check out the pool, make sure all the ellipticals are in working order, maybe even take in a class. Little did I know I was walking into a negotiator's paradise. They gave me the tour and just as I was expecting to be released for my premiere workout, they sat me down to give me the hard sale. My little brother would have been proud.... of the salesman. I, on the other hand, am the proud owner of a year long gym memborship. The 1st month is of course....paid in full.

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