3's a crowd

Dave and I had the duty to play host to my brother over the weekend. As many of you perhaps know, my brother tends to load a situation and Dave and I had prepared the whole week for 'his coming'. We picked him up at the airport around 7pm and I was pleased to see, he was still the pansy I new and loved carrying 2 backpacks, 1 duffel, a hanging bag, and his golf clubs. It was a good thing we brought the family car to pick up the family.

We headed for our old favorite sushi joint in Venice Beach, Canal Club. Along the way, for reasons I'm still trying to process, we made a brief drive by of the Whaler, a restaurant teetering on the edge of the sand with the sounds of Bad Medicine wafting through the doors. The sushi was fantastic and we made quite a ruckus bantering back and forth about the past week.

After sufficiently stuffing ourselves with raw fish, we decided to head downtown.
The Standard proved to be a bit crowded and neither my name dropping or my Smith charm could get us pass the doorman. Resigned to not cough up the cover charge we headed to our last stop of the night, Edendale.

Edendale is an old fire house station that has been converted into a bar and grill. It's an easy stop for Dave and I on our way home to catch a quick bite and meet up with friends. This night was no different with several of our friends already set up on the back patio. Brett of course didn't waste anytime getting possible sales clients and it wasn't long before I felt like he meshed into the LA scenery better than Dave or I. All in all it was a great visit, proving that 3 isn't necessarily a crowd, unless of course, you are stuffed into a photobooth.

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