Today is moving day.

Getting a new computer is like moving into a new really look forward to it until it actually happens.

A week before, you are forced to go through all your old stuff and make the hard decisions... do you trash it or keep it. And after you have finished going through the last of your stuff and stowed it all into neat little folders comes the process of actually moving... then unpacking.
Reinstalling never goes smoothly, a little like finding the missing allen wrench for that Ikea table you should have tossed 2 moves ago. Just when you think it's all put back together a leg falls off and you have to start the whole process over. I usually make it this far into the process before throwing my hands up in the air and calling it a day only to wake up with pieces of furniture strewn about the place

And that's not the end.
You finally have mastered the re-install...every program is put in its place, every file stowed neatly away. You are marveling at the room in the new place, so much more storage. You are thinking to yourself, "See that wasn't so bad".

Then you go to have a bowl of cereal and you realize.. you can't find the cereal.... or the bowl.... or the spoon.

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dlee said...

I know exactly what you are talking about and you couldn't have described it better. I went through a computer upgrade a few months ago.