pumpkin pie 101

This weekend I had both Sat. and Sun. off (yes worth noting because its not my usual routine) and I was determined to make something productive of the double day freedom. Sat. morning I got all the cleaning, laundering, dishing done that usually gets done Sun., which left me with a blank slate for the rest of the weekend. I had a series of options laid before me, visit a few museums, see a movie or two, do some cooking, and pick up some plants for the garden. I thought I was up for a challenge so I decided to make a pie.... a pumpkin pie.

Now I come from a long line of excellent cooks...most recently being my Granny Mary Lou who has brought home a blue rosette from the Atchison County Fair for as long as I can remember. Her specialty is rolls, rolls of any nature. I particularly love the cinnamon kind.

Back to the task at hand, I had the pie in working order. The crust was rolled and crimped and the filling was just about brimming. I put it in the oven and set the timer. Perfect....or so I thought. As I cleaned up the spilled ingredients, I caught site of the can of milk.. CONDENSED......and yes.. the recipe clearly called for EVAPORATED. I had made a key mistake.

Shamefully I dialed Mary Lou's number....no answer.
I dialed my mother's....no answer.
I hoped for the best.

Amazingly, it turned out fantastic. I guess because (as Mary Lou later explained) condensed is just evaporated with the sugar still there.

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Anonymous said...

i witnessed the pie making and enjoyed the savory results with whipped cream. this pie is evidence that more sugar is truly better.