time flies when you're....

Well...... since the last post quite a lot has happened. Yes, I learned to swim as well as a breadth of other important items. I am best when listing.. see below.

1. I will admit the swim was more of a dog paddle but I did keep my head above water most of the time so I'll count it as successfully completed.
2. On our trip to Big Sur I learned how to be a calm passenger. The drive up was a scene straight from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Although we didn't run into 'Big Marge', we did come across a few animals (dead & alive), a thick fog, a narrow cliff hugging road, and a high serf.

3. I learned to stack rocks. Although my stack wasn't as high or big as my counterparts. It was successfully structured (which my counterparts wasn't-don't tell his engineer Dad).

4. And finally....on Wednesday, I learned to lie about my age when necessary.

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