the lesser of two evils

We, being the office, were one of the many who lost power (GASP) in Los Angeles yesterday. Not your typical power outage where you get the surge, beeping of the monitor, and then your computer starts to hum as it reboots.

Nope.... This was a full on blackout.

I did what any sane employee might do. I stood up. Everything was down... computer, lights, phone (double GASP). I walked into the hall. Yep, the whole building was down. Lots of other people were standing in the hall too. We all walked outside. Yep, the whole block was down. Lots of cars stopped at the light that was not lit up. Then we all simultaneously got on our cell phones. Yep, the network was down (triple GASP).

Could it be?
No, not terrorists. BUT one stupid employee who clipped the red wire instead of the blue one.

Which is scarier, that is could be a terrorist?
Or that it only takes one person as foolish?

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