is there a doctor in the house?

Well I knew we were about due for another Dave accident but of course I'm never expecting it. Monday night at the season opening hockey game Dave took a hit which left him in need of medical attention. After a significant wait at the Emergency Room which left both of us cursing every politician in the book, I decided it was time to take matters into our own hands.

Since I have been married, nearly 4 years, I have learned an amazing amount of nursing techniques. Name a wound and I've dressed it. I have slathered, taped, swabbed, kissed, bandaged, cleaned, sprayed, and (as of Monday) butterfly'd.. cuts, abrasions, burns, breaks, and (as of Monday) gashes.

Growing up I never had a desire to be anything in the health industry but after 4 years of schooling I guess I'm about ready to take my boards and apply for a residency.

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