a little like this

Every week or so I get a 4:30pm phone call from my brother on his way home from work. Today's went like this:


"You got your ears on?"


"Niner, Niner, what's it like down by the 41st mile marker?"

"What?" (laughing)

"What are you doing?"

"Working" (this is always my answer at 4:30 p.m.)

"What are you working on... that er big house?"

"Yea" (more laughing)

"You get the sh#$&ers put in yet?"

"Yea" (laughing so hard I have to go outside)

"I was just looking at Echo Park on the map and you
are real close to Dodger's Stadium"

"Correct" (I'm always amazed with my brother's

"You can zip right on the 101 and head downtown"

"I need to get back to work"

"Ok fine, bye"


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Brett said...

Just an FYI... 4:30 Mel's time is 6:30 my time.